Erg-a-Thon 2016 is approaching!

Last weekend, 47 Tulane students traveled up to Chattanooga, TN to participate in the Chattanooga Head Race. Of those athletes, five women earned a silver metal in the Novice Women’s 4+. Each member of that boat put in the erg and water time to set themselves up for success, but without financial backing it would not be possible.

In just over a month, Tulane Rowing will be holding our annual Erg-a-Thon. Each rower has personalized and addressed letters to five family and friends asking for support as he or she ergs the length of a marathon- 42,000 meters. Previously, the funds raised have gone towards repairing boats, purchasing equipment, and storing our equipment. This year, we are also trying to raise a significant amount to cover our travel expenses for our spring regattas.   As a club program, we rely heavily on donations to supplement the financial support the University gives us.  Fundraising accounts for two thirds of the total cost of the program each year, and the the Erg-a-Thon is the primary way we raise those funds. This year, we have a team with over 50 members and intended to make our event reflect the sizable increase of our team. We hope you are as excited about our November, 19th Erg-a-Thon as we are!dsc_0634