Chattanooga Head Race

This afternoon, 47 Tulane rowers will be loading into four vans and making the drive to Chattanooga, TN. For 30 of these young men and women, this will be their first collegiate regatta. We have been training in the erg room and on the water for over a month and the team has come together nicely. Despite less than ideal expected weather conditions, sprits are high and everyone is excited. Although it is suppose to be sunny and 80 degrees, the wind is forecastedĀ (as of this moment) to be 9kts at 8:00am EDT and build up to 13kts, gusting up to 25kts at 1:00pm EDT. As a result of the windy forecast, the course has been shortened by a little more than half which puts it somewhere between 2,500m and 2,000m.